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Obchodní angličtina 1

Cílem předmětu je uvést studenty do obchodní angličtiny a rozvíjet jejich jazykové dovednosti pro komunikaci ve společenském a pracovním styku na úrovni A2 podle SERR (Společného evropského referenčního rámce pro jazyky).

Sylabus předmětu

  1. Careers
  2. Modals (ability, requests and offers); telephoning (making contact); case study; writing (curriculum vitae)
  3. Companies
  4. Present simple and present continuous; presenting a company; case study; writing (replying to an order)
  5. Selling; modals (must, need to, have to, should);
  6. Negotiating (reaching agreement); case study; memo; saying 'no' politely
  7. Revision; great ideas; verb and noun combinations
  8. Past simple and past continuous; successful meetings; case study
  9. Stress
  10. Past simple and present perfect; participating in discussions; case study; writing (report)
  11. Entertaining; eating and drinking; corporate events; multiword verbs; writing (hotel booking, report)
  12. Socialising (greetings and small talk); case study; doing business internationally; revision

Doporučená literatura

Základní učební texty a pomůcky

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  2. ROGERS, J.: Market Leader Pre-intermediate, Business English Practice File, 3rd edition, Pearson Education Limited, 2012