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Skills in Technical Writing

The objectives of the course are based on the long-term experience of our faculty members, lecturing not only at Unicorn College but also at other universities, with the weak skills and deficiencies of our students in writing. Thematic blocks are reflections to the analysis of many forms of written work of students submitted during their studies at universities. The aim of the course is to provide students with an overview of the necessary knowledge, established rules and needed skills to complete their studies with a well-written Master's thesis. As an addition, the content of the lectures is supplemented by information that can help graduates of the course in preparation of publications into the technical and scientific journals or for conferences.

The course is composed of the following basic thematic blocks

1. Repetitorium of computer literacy
2. Preferred Software Products by our Unicorn College Information System, Text Editors, Table Editors, Charts, Graphic Editors - Drawings, Schemes
3. How to write university seminar works and final thesis - structure and formal requirements, time schedule and its key role, literary research and its role, information resources and their availability, structure and style of the text in university seminar works and thesis (its modification and division), tables and pictures, mathematical, physics and other formulas, attachments
4. Copyright and copyright ethics - plagiarism, how to quote, work with literature, citation styles, tools and types of quoting software
5. How to write an English summary - Annotation, Extended Summary
6. The most common and frequent mistakes and errors in the university style writing (SW, BTh, MTh)
7. How to Publish in Professional Press (Conferences, Magazines)
8. Strategy in conference paper preparation and its presentation
9. Strategy and approach in the preparation of a scientific (technical) article
10. The specific requirements of publishing houses and variety of rules among conference organizers

Teaching methods

Lectures with case studies

Recommended literature

There is a basic literature to enhance the course in the school library. Presentations, podcasts, and additional online support study material will be created and made available in addition to the printed resources. Basic references (4 in Czech):
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